Admittedly, maintaining a sound roof literally tops the list of critical home repairs. A small leak, a simple crack, and any minor damages to your roof can still bring major consequences if left unattended. Most importantly, your roof is an important structural component of your home, and it also provides necessary protection from harsh weather elements like wind, rain, and snow. While most roofing repairs should be done by a professional roofing repairman, there are some minor problems that can be fixed easily and quickly by the experienced DIY homeowners.

Common Roof Repairs, Leaks, and Costs:

Some overhead leaks are as a result of minor problems that you can handle with some basic tools and a little DIY experience. However, other scenarios call for a professional repairman’s expertise. A licensed roofer is best when:

• A repair you made is not holding,

• The leak involves significant damage to flashed areas or roofing surface,

• There are multiple leaks,

• The leak is wicking along walls or frames, making it a daunting task to trace the source.

Problem: Skylight Leaks

Skylight seals, windows, and frames often form leaks and crack as they age.


Inspect and clean off any debris from your skylight. If you come across some cracks during the inspection, use silicone sea salt to repair them.

DIY Cost

Roughly 20 to 90 dollars

Problem: Clogged Gutters

Failure to clean your gutters can prevent rainwater from running off efficiently. This will create a pool forcing the water to find seems to leak through.


The only way to fix this problem is to clean out your gutters.

Problem: Damaged Roof Trusses

These are the main structures that hold your roof together. Leaks often run along them before dripping onto your ceiling.


A cracked truss is best reinforced with steel plates, making sure the crack is centered. Attach them with wood screws and not by hammering nails on them. Ideally, you can call upon the help of a professional repairman if your truss is moldy or sagging. Some molds are hazardous if not lethal to inhale.

Repair Cost

The cost might be hard to estimate as the kind of repair needed or the extent of the damage can vary. If your roof is damaged beyond repair, the cost of restoration might run into the thousands of dollars. It is best to call upon the help of a professional repairman for inspection of the trusses and to give you an estimate of repair costs.


It should go without saying that a complicated or big job should be handled by a Richmond roofing contractor. In case the prospect of falling off your roof is a concern or if you are skeptical about the job, call a few contractors and collect quotes. Most common small roof repairs cost between 140 dollars to 500 dollars with labor being around 40 dollars to 80 dollars.